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Seven responsibilities / Obligations of a ruler to the citizens

These days I am reading book written by Prof. KM Mohammed on the topic "Contributions of Kerala to the Arabic Literature".

One of the many early days contributors from the book is Fadhl Bin Ali (Tasleekuddawabi Ilaa Twareeqissawaab - Published in 1858.

Along with other subjects, the book lists seven responsibilities / Obligations of a ruler to the citizens:

1. To prevent innovation in religion and guide the people to follow the teachings of religion.

2. To protect the life and property of the citizens.

3. To maintain the fertile nature of the earth and fullfill its needs.

4. Gather the wealth in the cause of religion without affecting losses in collection or distribution.

5. Help the oppressed and ensure justice to them

6. Make sure that the culprits are given the just punishments only.

7. Appoint employees based on thier merits only.

I liked the third and the seventh points very much.

It is nice to read that on a religious basis earlier generations were aware of the environmental responsibility, the very basic condition for keeping the health of the society etc.

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