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Mathrubhoomi weekly (May 15-21, 2011) about Kamala Surayya again

Very much surprised to read the cover story of Mathrubhoomi weekly (May 15-21, 2011) about Kamala Surayya.

The article by K.P Nirmal Kumar "Malayali Ariyaatha Madhavikkutty" is something from a still intolerent state of mind about her conversion to Islam.

“My mother was a Muslim for many years and died a Muslim. She had converted to Islam happily and of her free will. It doesn’t matter what I or my brothers want. It was her wish (to convert to Islam) and we will respect it and abide by it. There is no way a posthumous reconversion can be held. So her funeral will have to be as per Islamic norms. It was also her wish that she be returned to Kerala,” Monu Nalapat, Madhavikutty’s eldest son, said.

The soul of the so called elites of Kerala are still not able to accept this reality till today!

The article is written in the context of a new book by Merrily Weisbord.

May Allah lead us all to His mercy like He led Kamala Surayya (Late) and many others. Islam is not the family affair of Muslims. It is the religion of liberation. Liberation from all bonds. Liberation from all that is false!

The door of Islam is open to people like Merrily Weisbord and K.P Nirmal Kumar as well!

Islam is for the success of a human being both in this word as well as in the life after death. Islam has no agenda except liberating man from all that is false to the eternal truth. To Allah.


Abdul Lathief said...

M.D. Nalapat, the son of late Kamala Surayya wrote an article in Madhyamam daily (June 1, 2011) totally negating the false conclusions of the auther of the book.

The son who lived with Kamala Surayya clearly negates the "threat from muslims" allegation by the auther!
The article conclude as follows:

When the book of merilly was realeased many friends suggested to file a stay on the book. Since I believe in the freedom of expression, I did not bother to make any such moves. In the coming days the false allegations on my mother shall be faded in the limelight of the truth!
People, then, will understand that my mother was as innocent as a small child.

It is her innocence which made her a true believer and seeker of peace from holy Quran.

ബഷീര്‍ Vallikkunnu said...

Good post Lathiefka. If u have the copy of this interview, please scan and share it with us..