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Muslims in Kerala before Vascodagama (Vasco Da Gama)

I attended the guest of the month program organized by FOCUS Jeddah.
This time the guest was Prof. KM Mohammed, an Arabic language expert who won the award from President of India, for his services.

Prof. Mohammed gave an interesting session giving light to his experiences during the early days of his education, during his services across various colleges and universities in Kerala, Assam, J&K etc.

He is an authority on Arabic and Islamic history of Kerala. While answering a question, his explanation about the history of Muslims in Kerala before the era of Vascodagama shed light to a much untold prosperity.

The Muslim scholars then in Ponnani and all excelled in everything they touched. He was quoting from authentic sources like Malabar Manual written by William Logan. The Muslims were the right hands of Samoothiri rulers. It was a time when muslims were controlling the whole trade in the area.

The portugese invasion made everything upside down in Kerala in general and particularly for Muslims. The lose of control in trade, moving from cities to suburbs, the later fight against the British, the all out Malabar Lahala in 1921, It is always interesting know the past and learn from there.

It was a nice week end feast.

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