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Are they not pondering deeply on Quran?

Today I attended the weekly Quran Learning School (QLS) class.

It was my thought earlier to record these classes because each class is a never repeating spiritual experience -a journey. Now since I have started the blog I might try to share some of these experiences - Insha Allah.

I am aware of my limitations: Lack of understanding, poor language etc. Please bear with me.

Today the class was on just five short verses from Chapter -50 (verses 36 to 40).

We went through several interesting discussions. It is my try below to list some of the discussions to the extend I could:

- Were the earlier generations stronger than the present generation? How strong were they and in what? The wonders of ester generations like Taj Mahal, Kutub Minar, the Pyramid, the expeditions, ….! They were powerfull indeed!

- Importance of giving ear to true messages. Listening and hearing: a big topic which can not be covered in a blog space! Successfull is the one who listen to everything and follow the best among them.

- The creation of the universe in six stages. The meaning of the word “Yaum” and the different ways it is used in Quran. The concept of time in this world. The day we count is only meaningful after the creation of earth and sun. And it will be valid only until “Yaumul Qiyama” or until THE TIME.

- The difference in concept between the usage of "YAUM - day"in Bible and Quran. Bible talks about the 7th rest day. But Quran says in Chapter 55 verse 29 “….Everyday in (new) splendour/work does He (shine)". The concept of rest is not attributable to Allah. Rest is for His creatures. Sura Naba talks about the way he arranged night (and sleep) as a rest time for mankind. And in Chapter luqman Allah says that creation and recreation of the whole mankind is similar to task of creating one single soul! His mode of creation is the key word “KUN” meaning “Be” SO IT IS!

- Allah is introduced in Quran in chapter 59 verse 24 as one SINGLE ENTITY - when it comes to Srishti, Paripalanam and Samharam: “He is Allah, the Creator, the evolver, the bestower of Forms……”. Unlike mankind where they construct a building with the involvement of so many individuals like engineers, technitians, laborers, equipment……..yes they need rest but not Allah who just create with the key “KUN"

- The wonderfull way in which Allah ask people to seek peace of mind by neglecting all what others say with patience. (Be it insult/humiliation/false statements/allegations/branding as extremists etc.). See what Allah says : Chapter 50 verse -39: “Bear, then, with patiene all that they say and celebrate the praise of Lord, before the rising of the sun and before (its) setting”. Prophet Yunus (A.S) used to praise Allah a lot and he was able to escape from the stomach of the whale….Yes it is Allah’s promise that He will not leave those do lot of Zikr. The power one can imbibe by saying "SUBHANALLAH" with full presence of heart can not be achieved by no other means! Always remember the two soft words for toung but heavy in the balance of virtues in the life after death: "Subhanallahi Wabihamdihi Subhanallahil Adheem".

- The function of heart and brain:
When you say, my heart is broken …where do you feel it?
In Malayalam we say “Hrudayam tagarnnu poyi”.
The mentioning in Quran which says ”the hearts in their chest are blind….”
Are these statements just linguistic usages or do they have real meaning?

- The three similar verses which says “They have ears but they don’t hear(or listen?)with it”; “They have eyes but they don’t see with it”; “They have hearts but they don’t ponder with it”.

Where is mind? What is its relation with the heart?

Let me pause here with the last three questions for you all to comment in the comments column.

Foot Note:

Those in Jeddah: Kindly invited to attend these weekly classes in Islamic Education Foundation – in Mushrifa district.

Others: Seek the depth of Quran by all available means. It is the message to mankind. Yes to each individual of us from the Creator!

Lessons from Hajj - the fifth Pillar of Islam

We have just come upon the conclusion of this years Hajj. What are the Lessons that we take from Hajj? What was the purpose of the Journey/Pilgrimage? What can we learn as Muslims from this Great Once in a Lifetime experience?
Islam is based on statements, actions and intentions
The most important statement that one can make is the shahada. The testimony or declaration of ones faith which classifies him/her as a muslim
The actions which follow this statement complete the 5 pillars of Islam are Salat, Zakat, Fasting Ramadan and Hajj
The Salat - which is the first action that we will be judged upon, and that a Muslim will be questioned about when we meet Allah. This action confirms the truth of our statement of belief. It is highly valued and weighed. It is said in a hadith that the sunah of Fajr salat can weigh more than everything in the world all together.
Other actions include Zakat, the giving of charity, a percent of ones wealth as a purification and expiation of sins hoping to receive mercy and forgiveness from Allah,
Fasting in Ramadan, to sacrifice all desires, food, water, sexual gratification, frustrations, anger, etc for the benefit of being purified, forgiven and rewarded
And lastly Hajj, to be performed once in a lifetime. This is similar to the shahada in the sense that it only has to be made one time and the reward for it is the same. Although Hajj is an action while the shahada is a statement they must both be supported. The shahada supported by action and the Hajj supported by intention because like the Prophet (saw) said every action, is by its intention. The person who successfully completes the hajj will be forgiving for all his/her sins from birth just like the person who newly converts to Islam. Each person returns to the infancy stage of living, becoming pure in the mind, body and soul. In order to obtain this great blessing of Hajj people had to go thru tremendous hardships and obstacles and exercise continuous restraint and patience and humility and sacrifice their time and money and effort and energy to complete the spiritual Journey. Because that is what Hajj is. It’s a spiritual journey of the mind, body and soul. It’s a submission to the decree of Allah, its obedience and sacrifice a struggle and awakening, a test whose beginning starts with a sincere intention, who’s middle involves constant statements, actions and perseverance, and who’s ending is a culmination of all those things which Allah will one day reward the person with Jannah for successfully completing. Because the Prophet (SAW) says, there is no reward for the accepted Hajj other than Jannah! If anyone struggles for the sake Allah sincerely sacrificing everything for the sake of Allah in full submission to him alone, Allah will grant him Jannah, inshaAllah, where there will be no more pain and suffering. “A reward for the pious (muttaqeen),” Allah says.

Hajj – an action that must be preformed by going out and leaving everything and everyone beyond in order to
Hajj - a spiritual revival – a re-awakening of the mind, a re-birth of the body and re-connection of the soul to its creator – Allah
Hajj teaches us how to live as One community, how to be one community, how to unite as one community, bringing us together from all parts of the world, dressing the same, doing the same, etc. teaching us the concept of true brotherhood based upon the prophetic examples. The prophet (saw) did what Ibrahim did, followed his example as all prophets followed each other. There were all brothers, links of a chain and we are supposed to be links of a chain too, not divided, not by country, color, race, social class, position, language, nothing. Muslims are one ummah, one brotherhood.
Hajj teaches us Humility, patience, restraint, self-sacrifice, perseverance, love, honor, respect, and nobility. We are supposed to establish a never-ending understanding within our own selves, a never-ending bond with our fellow Muslims from around the world and a never-ending bond with our master, our creator, our sustainer, our provider, the one who created us and said, “I made you different tribes and nations, so that you may get to know each other” not fight and kill each other, not argue and hate each other, not segregate and be far away from each other, but to be close and to love and to support and perform acts of worship together. To help each other get to Jannah. Because that’s the goal, that’s the reward for completing this life of hardship, for completing hajj, for worshipping Allah and doing whatever He and His prophet said to do. That’s it. That’s hajj, that’s life. Hajj is life. It’s a journey of the soul to get back to its creator.

.....This is the text of a speech by Brother Bilal Mohammad on 19th November 2010

Eternal Peace

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem (In the name of Allah, most gracious and most mercifull)

Today three million people from the nooks and corners of the world have gathered at ARAFAT near Makkah as part of the haj Pilgrimage- the fifth pillar of Islam. Believers round the globe (those who do not reach ARAFAT) are fasting on this day.

ISM Kerala is now promoting a campaign “Aaraadhyanekan Anaswara Shaanti” (Approximate translation: the Worthy of worship is single - Eternal Peace). I was lucky to hear a speech last Friday on this campaign by Br. N.M Abdul Jaleel, General Secretary of ISM Kerala.

It is Eid holidays here. I thought it is ideal for me to sit for writing few words based on what I heard from Br. Abdul Jaleel on the topic in my blog on this ARAFAT day. ARAFAT valley - what a unique seen it is to observe people from all class, tribe, nation and language stand together and pray to the Single God with all men having only two unstitched white pieces of cloth as the common dress.

Br. Abdul Jaleel started his speech by reciting the five wonderful words in chapter 112 of Quran.

Life is all about living in the “present” with the right understanding and spirit.
Knowing “the one Worthy of worship” is the first and foremost step in the right understanding. If someone manage to acquire this knowledge, it leads him to the firm conviction that God will not leave him alone un-attended.

Br. Abdul Jaleel quoted an example of a businessman in Qatar. This man lost five crore rupees when his partner – sort of - cheated him, a circumstance where a man can collapse completely. He did not loose hope. Shortly he managed to start another small business with the help from some of his well wishers.

Things were improving in its natural pace. He was tested once again when one day he was caught for a case in which he returned back a forged note to one of his customers! It is a serious case as all of us know.

He consulted some of his friends and decided to meet the officer in charge of the case and explain his innocence. “You are late – the papers have already moved to my superior, the officer said”
What to do now?
He decided to make a special supplication to Allah. He sat alone thinking about all the good deeds he did in life. Suddenly his mind got stuck on an incident in which at the early days of his business one Qatari forgot 5,000 dirhams in his shop. He was in great need of money on those days. Still he diligently searched for the owner of this money and handed over the money to its owner at his home. He prayed to Allah. Oh Allah, I did this because of you. If you had accepted this as a good deed from me, please help me out from this hard situation I am in.

He decided to go and meet the superior officer along with two of his friends. While he was about to reach the residence of the officer, he realized that somehow this area is familiar to him. When they reached the residence, the superior officer hugged him. He recognized him as the person who returned him 5,000 dirhams several years ago! Things were very easy then. The case was closed and he was able to continue his business as normal.
Yes- it is the result of the strong conviction. Man shall not loose hope at any circumstance in life.

Allah says in Quran : “Seest thou not that Allah doth know (all) that is in the heavens and on earth? There is not a secret consultation between three, but He makes the fourth among them- Nor between five but He makes the sixth – Nor between fewer nor more, but He is with them wheresoever they be……” (Chapter 58 Verse -7)

Br. Abdul Jaleel explained several other examples which were tore off from his rich life experience as the state general secretary of ISM.

Another example surprised brother Abdul Jaleel was like this. A young man lying on the bed for several years with broken back-borne were consoling him at a time of difficulty! When asked how he was able to be so strong in spirits – the answer was simple: I have now known my God. He had given me about 27 years of life with full freedom of movement. Now I am able to comprehend fully and appreciate the present state where I am able to be free from all the odds outside and concentrate myself on praising my Lord!

Br. Abdul jaleel quoted another example from the speech of KK Mohammed Sullami. Zaid Moulavi was giving a speech on Tawheed (Monotheism). The local people there mostly were with the background of praying to the great people in the maqbaras (Graves). One of them, who by nature was notorious for making violence, was arranged to make trouble while Zaid Moulavi deliver his speech.

Zaid Moulavi started the speech. Our trouble maker was waiting for the right time to start his agenda. But alas! For few seconds his attention caught to the words of wisdom.

“Alaisallahu Bi Kaafin Abdahu?” meaning “Is Allah not enough for his slaves?”

Zaid Moulavi spoke loudly in the speaker. “Folks ..go and ask any one – Is this not clearly written in Quran? Then why are people leaving Allah and going behind false gods, dead people etc?.....Go, go and ask”.

Our trouble maker was shocked for a while. He sneaked out and slowly went to the masjid nearby and knocked at the door of the Imam. He asked. “is there an verse in Quran which says “Alaisallahu Bi Kaafin Abdahu?” meaning “Is Allah not enough for his slaves?”.

Imam replied “Yes” it is there in Quran.

Then from today I don’t need the help of any ……except Allah, said our trouble maker in his rude style. Such is the power and change the truth brings to people once it is revealed to them.

Today I read in facebook page of Dr. Ismail Marutheri about the conversion of the sister in law of Tony Blair to Islam. Allahu Akbar!

Madhavi Kutty (Kamala Das) the great writer became Kamala Surayya when she learned her Creator, the way one should learn and understand!
(Read about her: )

Yvonne Ridly who went to Afganistan as a reporter became a Muslim when she studied Islam as per her promise while she was under capture by TALIBAN.

These three strong women are just some of the famous examples for people seeking to the eternal peace by knowing the single Worthy of worship! It is a state of peace through this life to eternal life after death – to the House of Peace (Darussalam).

Whoever expects to meet his Lord, let him work righteousness, and, in the worship of his Lord, admit no one as partner. (Quran Chapter 18 : Verse -110)