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Personality Development and Character Ethics

"The Character Ethic taught that there are basic principles of effective living, and that people can only experience true success and enduring happiness as they learn and integrate these principles in to their basic character. But shortly after World War I the basic view of success shifted from the Character Ethic to what we might call the Personality Ethic. Success became more a function of personality, of public image, of attitudes and behaviours, skills and techniques, that lubricate the process of human interaction"

"If we want to make relatively minor changes in our lives, we can perhaps appropriately focus on our attitudes and behaviors. But if we want to make significant, quantum change, we need to work on basic paradigms"

Quoted from "7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

These quotes have great relevance in today's professional world. Let us not get carried away by the shallow "Personality Development" capsule solutions. Before you attend any such programs and before you send your child for such programs make sure that the team behind the training has hands on experience and a right vision about "Character Ethics"


MT Manaf said...

personality & charector has close relation with values, beliefs, and expectations. There are many other potential factors involved in shaping a better individual. The acquisition of values, beliefs, and expectations seem to be due more to socialization.

Our choice in this field should be precise & clear.

Congrtas for your nice vision.

karinganad said...

Nice Lathief, Of course, we are not focusing on this area. We have to attend the programs of experienced hands and ensure young generation also get the same. The result will be great. Let us make our life significant etc..........