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The Ahaa moment of identifying the elephant in you

Yesterday I attended a program organized by SIGN Jeddah chapter.

Padmasree Dr. Asad Moopan was the chief guest. Sign Chairman Munawar Ali Shihab Tangal inaugurated the human resource development week named as "Alchemy 2012". Brother Rashid Gazzali Koolivayal made a remarkable speech to the audience.

Dr. Asad Moopan narrated a small but interesting story.

A baby elephant used to be tied in the curcus tent with a small rope tied to a weak stake. Years passed, the baby elephant became a huge African elephant. However the system of tying the elephant to the same small rope continued.
It is surprising that the elephant who has the capacity to topple the whole circus tent in a minute is not able to realize its size and power.
This similitude is applicable to most of us. The immense potential God Almighty has deposited in us are not realized by most.
The day we are able to realize the elephants in us our success is guaranteed!

Key words: personality development, human resource development, training, train the trainer, youth empowerment, women empowerment, sign youself, marching to can count on SIGN for all such programs.

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