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Somalia famine - It is time for individuals, organizations and governements to act

Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced and struck with severe famine in Somalia.

Please read from :

The government of Somalia appealed to OIC for help. The Prime Minister of Somalia, Abdulwali Mohamed Ali, sent a letter to the Secretary-General urging OIC and its member states to come to the rescue of the Somali people suffering the consequences of drought, high food prices and terrorist acts.

It quoted the letter by the Prime Minister as saying that, 'the displaced people will not escape death if God did not save them and the hands of assistance did not reach them and the hearts of the Islamic countries’ peoples and governments did not soften.'

Please read also from:, Wednesday 20 July 2011

Khadija Aliow Mohamed, the 20-year-old Somali walked for 30 days with her two-year-old daughter Madina to get to the refugee camp in northern Kenya a few weeks ago.

......."The child never recovered from the malnutrition," he says, clutching a small blue slip of paper with the words "Permit for Burial".

"Madina died because of the drought."

She will not be the last. According to the UN, more than six out of every 10,000 people are dying of hunger every day in some parts of the Bakool and Lower Shabelle regions of Somalia, with more than half the children there suffering from acute malnutrition. This is far above the normal famine threshold of two deaths per 10,000 people a day, and 30% malnutrition levels, UN agencies say.

"For the last three years we did not receive rain," says Abdinor, whose reed-thin forearms are cabled with protruding veins. "We were farmers, but there are no farms anymore. No animals."

...."Some of us had donkey carts but the donkeys died because there was no water," she says. "We also had to leave some mothers and children behind on the road because they were too tired. People were very weak."

What can we do?

What role we individuals have here?

For Muslims we are in the month of Ramadan, wherein many of us close our Zakath and extend charity beyond all boarders. There are many charitable organizations all over the world be it in India, Middlesat, Europe, America or Far-east countries.

In this era facebook, we should not just wait until our governments take action!

Each individual and each organization should consider the famine struck brothers in Somalia. Let us reach out and extend our helping help in whatever way possible.

I visited the WAMY (World Assembly of Muslim Youth) office yesterday to explore about their role in this cause. Alhamdu Lillah, WAMY is collecting relief fund for Somalia(only through credit card or Bank cards. They do not accept cash).

I am not sure how effective is their (WAMY) system.

If any one knows better aid agencies to Somalia let us share that information in the comments column.

- Make your decision
- Influence all organizations you know / involved with
- Inform this message to other interested people in your contacts

YES WE CAN........


ബഷീര്‍ Vallikkunnu said...

As per the latest figures, US alone spent 4 Trillion Dollars for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If the world could arrange a small portion of the amount they spent on destructive activities, the situation of the poverty ridden countries would have improved a lot.

Abdul Lathief said...

The world order has changed after the 911 in a great way.
As Mr. Basheer Vallikkunnu mentioned the big brothors spent on destruction and they control the charity spending of individuals on the name of controlling terrorism.
During last Ramadan one of my friend wanted to send some money to the account of an orphan care organization( The bank did not allow him to send it saying that he can only send money toe personal accounts, not to any organizations!
It is necessary to control the fund movement to irresponsible organizations. But an all out control will not be beneficial to humanity as a whole.
World need to respond to the calls of the brothers in Somalia in a big way.