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Ramadan Message

We are in another Ramadan, the blessed month in Islam.

- The month in which the Holy Quran was revealed
- The month in which Billions stay away from food happily, during the day time!
- The month in which there is long congrgational night prayers, called Taraweeh
- The month of I'tikaf in Masjid
- The month in which believers rush for all what is good
- The month in which the rich ones turns heavily towards charity
- The month of the victory of Badr
- The month of mercy of Allah
- The month of forgiveness from Allah
- The month in which Allah release lot of sinners from the Hellfire
- The month which has a night, the deeds in it exceeds the deeds of thousand months
- The month in which belevers recite holy Quran abundantly and byheart it.

Allah has promised great reward to those who fast in this month. Allah said in Quran, "It is ME who reward those who fast". There is a specail door called Rayyan in paradise through which only fasting people will be allowed to enter.

Ramadan is an yearly guest in every Muslim home. They make special cleaning of their homes in respect of the guest. Masjids change new carpets and mats to welcome Ramadan.

A month full of spiritual elevation across the globe!
A month full of spiritual opportunities.

Ramadan Mubarak to all the readers of Discussion Islam.

=================================================== As we are not using word to word translation, the quotes from Quran and Hadees in this blog should not be reproduced without verifying with the original texts.

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