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The Book, which should light your life

This is speech delivered by brother PMA Gafoor during this Ramadan. It was such an impressive speech, that I thought of putting this effort to translate it and share with you all in my blog.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Respected Audience,

This speech is about certain questions to ourselves. Certain private questions which we ask to our inner self.

This speech is about a light. Light is the eternal truth. Where there is darkness you can bring light, and drive the darkness out. But darkness cannot come where there is light!

Mr. Leopold Wais was a Jew. A young, smart German Journalist. Something strange struck him while he was on a train trip together with his wife Elsa. There were a group of people sitting against Mr. & Mrs. Leopold in that compartment. From their appearance he easily concluded that they are from a very rich background. Mr. Leopold noticed that even though they are very rich they are very unhappy from inside. In spite of all the false rich expressions, the journalist mind of Leopold could easily read them.

Why is it so? He thought for himself. Why? He asked his wife Elsa.
Later, outside the train the Mr. Leopold was unfolding a food parcel. At one corner of the newspaper, which was used to wrap the parcel, he read the following words:The mutual rivalry for piling up (the good things of this world) diverts you (from the more serious things)..."

Elsa, "read this" said Mr. Leopold. Is this not the answer to the lack of happiness we observed in the face of those people in the train? They read it again together. Yes, it is----it is the answer. At the end of the above sentence in the newspaper it was written "The Holy Quran – Chapter -102 from verse-01".

Mr. Leopold decided to read the Holy Quran. It took one and half months for him to get a German translation of Holy Quran.

He started reading it. In the beginning, it did not attract him. There are many topics/subjects mentioned without any particular order he could identify.

However, he continued reading. It was like a deep silence for him. In Quran he found answers to many of his queries. Like the breast of a mother stops the cry of a child, Quran stopped his wild mind. His journey through Quran took him, later, to the deserts of Arabia. En-route Makkah, once he was left alone in the middle of the desert. The hard face of the desert started hitting him. Hours and days dropped witout even a drop water with him. Death was smelling there. Mr. Leopold was not ready to fail in front of this trial. He took the revolver and pointed it towards his forehead. Suddenly one of the verses of Quran, which he read earlier, rushed to his memory.

"And We will surely test you until We make evident those who strive among you [for the cause of Allah] and the patient, and We will test your affairs". (Quran 47:31)
God will not only test you but also see what you speak about it! Instead of using the revolver to kill himself he decided to walk with full force. And that walk was to Islam. He has explained this story in his wonderful book “Road to Makkah”.

In 70’s a name used to make the American youth buoyant. They booked and waited long for his new Albums. When a new album is released there used to be long queue to purchase one copy of it! It was none other than CAT STEVENS.

It was his 24th birthday, CAT’s elder brother gave him a different birthday present. It was an English translation of Holy Quran which the brother had bought from Jordan. Months dropped, CAT kept the translation in his shelf. He never thought of reading it seriously.

CAT was having a treatment in South Africa. In preparation of this journey he pulled few books from his shelf, which included the translation of Holy Quran as well. One fine day after the surgery CAT opened Holy Quran and started reading from the Chapter-1, Vesrse -1.
الْحَمْدُ للّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِين
(Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds)

What? A “Lord” for the whole universe? I have heard the God of Christians, God of Hidus, God of Jews, God of Budhist etc. “Lord” of all mankind? Lord of all creations? He found it very interesting.

Life went on. In a strange accident he fell in the see and was left to the loneliness, where no human can hear his cry. But he cried to the “Lord” of the universe loudly. Surprise – A huge tide threw him to the banks of the sea. He realized that the “Lord” of the universe rescued him.

Later he said “I was not a Muslim then, but I knew the answer to me is Quran”.The question which was rushing to my mind in the loneliness of the nights were cleared by Quran during the days that followed.

Today this old American Pop Musician is considered one of the fifteen leading Muslim scholars in the world!
He is barred from entering to America. US will not issue visa to Brother YUSUFUL ISLAM. (What a wonderful name he has selected for him. Is there a better example for youth than Prophet Yusuf(AS) - Joseph in Bible). America knows that one of the speech of their loved CAT STEVENS could create miracles in America.

Dr. Moorkan Usman (Dr.M.Usman). He was the first doctor (MBBS) from a Muslim family in Ernad area of Kerala state. He was very good student. Considering his academic performance he was offered a good job in Tirunelveli, (Where he studied).But Dr.M.Usman opted to work in the backward area of Nilambur. The reason was rather strange. More than the medical practice Dr.Usman was interested in Nilambur as a fertile ground for his dramas.

Dr. M.Usman was an Athiest, then!

He wanted to promote Atheism through his famous dramas like “ഈ ദുനിയാവില് ഞാന് ഒററകകാണ്” (I am alone in this world). Dr.M.Usman was such an influential and dynamic personality, that many people including the educated youth from Muslim community were attracted to his ideologies.

There was a strong opponent for Dr.M.Usman. His name was K.C Abubakar Moulavi. Unlike others, K.C was not a normal scholar of Islam. He had the ability to counter fight Dr.M Usman with scientific references. Through his Friday sermons in Nilambur Masjid, K.C teared the dramas of Dr. M.Usman and made them a pity.

K.C had the sharp but unique dialect of Ernad. The fight between Dr.M.Usman and K.C continued. The next drama of Dr. M.Usman was to tease K.C. The title itself was teasing in a dialect of Ernad “ഇജജ് നലല മഌസനാകാന് േനാക്” Ijj Nalla Manusan Aaakan Nokku”.

Years dropped and Dr. M.Usman continued his practice as well as the drama activities.

Nilambur is a forest area where there are a lot of tribal communities (mainly Chola Naikans). One day an old tribal Muthappan visited the clinic of Dr. M.Usman. Dr. examined him and gave him the prescription. The Muthappan looked at the knot in his cloth to pay the fee for Dr. M. Usman. Alas – his face became pale. The money is not there. It was lost somewhere while he travelled from the forest to the clinic. He was disturbed. Dr. M.Usman told him, "No problem you can go". Muthappan said “you served me. So, I should pay you”. Dr. M. Usman again told him to forget it and go, or you can say that I will give you next time and leave now. Muthappan was still disturbed. He said “I can escape by saying it and go. But will I not be seen by Udaya Thampuran (God of the universe)"? This sentence was a first hit to the “pride Atheist heart” of Dr. M. Usman!

How come there is such a strong influence of “God” in the mind of a tribal man? "It is not just a belief in God. It is influencing their life in such a strong way!" Dr. Usman's mind was disturbed with these thoughts.

Next day, Dr. M.Usman was writing the script for his new drama named “AYISHA”. The story of AYISHA was about a Muslim girl who loved a Non-Muslim boy. Dr.Usman was writing the script showing all the hurdles she had to face in the society. As the story progressed, AYISHA had to suicide. Then what? Dr. Usman got stuck. What is happening to AYISHA after Suicide? Big silence! He was not able to write anything further. This second hit to his “pride atheist mind” was even harder. He asked to himself : where am I going? What is the meaning of my life? “Definitely there is something after my death”, his sub-conscious mind started telling him.

Dr. Usman went to see K.C, his opponent scholar, at his residence. They argued a lot for long hours. Later K.C took Dr.Usman to another scholar, Umar Moulavi. There also they argued and counter argued about all the questions Dr.Usman had!

The return of Dr.Usman to Nilambur was as a believer of God. He served as the state president of our organization (Kerala Navathul Mujahideen) later on for a long time , until his death!

Mr. ADIYAR of DMK in Tamilnadu. He was a famous politician, a writer and an orator. He was a journalist, the editor of the famous newspaper “Murasholi”. Once he was sent to jail during the emergency rule. He was brutally tortured there.

Once he met a Muslim youth among the jail inmates. His name was Salim. Adiyar noticed that this young man was reading a book every night. One day Adiyar saw Saleem weeping with the book on his face. Adiyar asked him “Why are you crying”. Saleem said, "I am crying because I am happy in what I have read short while ago, I am not sad. “Is this book the book of Muslims- Quran”, Adiyar asked. Saleem said, "Yes. But Quran is not a book for Muslims alone. It is a book for all mankind". "Can I read it? Am I allowed to touch it"? Adiyar again asked. “Yes ofcourse,” saleem said.

Taking Quran in hand Adiyar simply turned the pages. His eyes caught on a miraculous sentence, which had great influence in changing his life, later on, to that of a Muslim.

It was verse 5:3 from Quran, which read:
"…..So fear them not, but fear Me…..". فلا تخشواهم واخشوني.
It was just fitting to his situation in the jail. This verse set him free from all the fears in the jail. Mr.Adiyar became Abdullah Adiyar. He died in the year 1997. He visited Calicut in 1992. During that visit he talked 90 minutes where the theme of his speech was centered around the phrase "...So fear them not, but fear Me...".
You can read Adiyar’s history from his “From the jail to the door of the Masjid”. (തടവറയില് നിന്ന് പളളി വാതില്‍ വരെ).

These four examples of four different personalities were examples for answers to certain private questions. When we get satisfactory answer to our own inner questions, we change our opinions.

How about us?
Is Quran a torch light in our Life?
The son of Khatab, Umar (r) used to make idols. He shall make idols from sweets. Then he shall pray to those idols.....and when he feels hungry he shall eat them! That was Umar before Islam.

The Umar (r) of Islam was different. He wandered around his Kingdom in the midnight to enquire the well being of his people. One day he was walking with Aslam (r) around midnight. They heard the sound of children crying in a hut. They enquired with the women who came out with her covered eyes. When Umar (r) came to know that the children are crying from hunger, he went back to his home and brought flour on his shoulder and made bread for them, without declaring his identity. While leaving them he requested two things.
- Don’t tell about this incident to anyone.
- Please remember me in your private prayers.
The women said, "I wish our rulers were like you". Umar walked away without saying them that he was the ruler of the large Muslim empire, then.

Can our generation conceive this story in the context of “Corrupt” India! Each Indian baby is born with a huge debt of Rs.200,000! While 2G spectrum scandal spread corruption sky high the “mine scandal” of Karnataka state has expanded corruption down to earth!
Even though there are reservations, the president of Iran is a living example for exception. The president of Iran draws the salary of a primary school teacher only!

The question is: Is the Quran influencing in your life?

Americans consumes 300,000,000,000 aspirin tablets. Why is that the Americans not getting good sleep without aspirin? Be a ruler like Umar (r) or a beggar in the street, with Islam in the heart they both can sleep well.

Recently one of my friend mentioned a story. His daughter was travelling in a taxi, sitting next to an American. She was reading Quran. The co-traveller asked “May I read it”. He started reading the 2nd chapter, where he struck with the verse:
"This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah" (Quran 2:2). A book with no doubts, he exclaimed! Last week this American traveller has reverted to Islam. Allahu Akbar.

The question is: Are we fulfilling our responsibilities? Are we communicating this noble message to our fellow beings?

What is earnings (Wealth)?

What is earnings? Our earnings are to whom? We earn not for us, but for others!
Quran asked us:
O you who have believed, fear Allah. And let every soul look to what it has put forth for tomorrow - and fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do. (Quran 59 -18).

Few years before our grandmother died. It was a shock for all. Everyone said “How we will go to the grandmother's home, when she is no more there?” With the passage of time, today none of us remember her with such feelings.

The question is what is there with my grandmother in her grave?
Humans have three friends:
1. His wealth: - wealth will say, “I will be there with you until your last breath”. After your last breath I will be-friend your children and relatives!
2. Family (2nd Friend):- Family will say, “I will be with you even after your death. But I will join you until the grave yard only. There after we will have to part each other".
3. Deeds (3rd Friend):- Deeds will say, “I will be following you wherever you go, even after death”. Our deeds follow us irrespective of they are good deeds or bad deeds.
Today deeds are increased among us. Unlike few decades ago today there are more people in the masjids.


If there are ten people praying in the Masjid, the reward shall be different for each individual- depending on the level of Taqwa.
The deeds of only few people become “Amalu ssalihath” (Good deeds). The 24 minutes prayers of Muslims (five times compulsory prayers) should give You light to the next 24 hours of the following day.

We should practice doing good deeds in private, for the sake of Allah alone. The grandson of Ali (r) was lovingly called by public as Zainul Abideen. When he was died they observed a scar on his shoulder. Nobody knew why such a scar similar to that of a laborer was there on his shoulder. A few weeks later one specific area was struck with famine. When enquired they said the reasons as follows.

“Every Saturday a man used to come and give us food and go back. He never gave us his face to identify. Last two weeks this man is not coming to the area”! Such were the influence of Quran in life of pious Muslims.

Once my friend told me about a touching story. One day a man came to his house and asked. “is this the house of Mr.X ”? "What is the matter?, asked house holder. Two years before you bought meat for a marriage ceremony from my shop. Recently we found that our weighing machine had an error of 200g. I wanted to pay the difference in amount you paid. The man had a big list with him to clear. This gentleman died the same night. What a nice day for him to die!

Umar – the second ( r ) was a famous ruler in Islamic history. Once he was inspecting the zakath fruits collected infront of the Masjid. Suddenly he noticed that his child was eating an apple from it. He ran to the child and pushed his hand to the mouth and made him vomit all what the child had eaten. His wife weeped seeing the situation. At night Umar ( r ) came home. He saw an apple there. His wife told him that it is not from public money (Zakath), but it is bought by selling her rings!

This is the way Quran influenced the life of Umar ( r ).

We all love our children. We work hard for them. Suppose in spite of all we do to our child he is not caring us. We may say to our friends “He is not giving me a damn care”.
Allah is describing our attitude towards him in a very similar tone.
"And they did not appraise Allah with true appraisal….." (Quran 6-91)
What are our obligations to Allah? Our priorities are what matters. There is a verse in Quran which should penetrate our hearts like an arrow.
"If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your relatives, wealth which you have obtained, commerce wherein you fear decline, and dwellings with which you are pleased are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger and jihad in His cause, then wait until Allah executes His command. And Allah does not guide the defiantly disobedient people." (Quran 9-24)
Many occasions, one of the eight things mentioned in this verse might delay us from praying in time, right?

Do you like someone delaying his due payment to you? But we often delay our dues to Allah without valid reasons.

There is a season for every type of seed. We are now in Ramadan. Ramadan is a good season for good deeds. It is a season to clear the mind from all evil thoughts. It is the season to train our self from keeping away from bad habits.

Small small ants destroy huge structures. We should be careful about bad habits, even though they seem minor. They may destroy us completely, if left unattended. We have not conceived Allah, the way it should be

Allah is (All seeing) بصير and Allah is خبير (All knowing)

Yes! He “sees” everything and “knows” everything. All our actions are seen by Allah and Allah knows even our intentions. This understanding should inspire our actions. The horizon of good deeds (Amalussalihath) is very vast. You can do good deeds, even while you are sitting at rest! Removing an obstacle from the road is even counted as a good deed by Prophet Mohammed (s). There is a famous book written by Imam Gazzali (Ihya Uloomudheen). If died people return back to the earth for one day. Immam Gazzali discusses what they will be doing on that day. They will be rushing to do as much good deeds (Amalussalihath) as possible.

Let us make a pledge to fill our life with good deeds (Amalussalihath).

Peace of mind from “Iman”

An expatriate family in Kuwait had their pregnant daughter in law, staying with them. Everything was normal as per ultrasound scan report until 9th month of pregnancy. Seeing the last scan report, the doctor said, “There is a serious problem. The position of the child is not correct. It is going to be critical, so she must undergo operation. The happy home became gloomy home. Many days they were not in a mood to cook food. They used to say, “we are worshipping Allah as much as we could. Then why Allah is testing us like this?” Though the family members were tensed, the pregnant daughter in law was very cool. Once she told to them “Allah is the one who turns the whole the planets and stars in the universe. For him it is not difficult to turn the position of my son to the normal position”. Later she was taken to the labour room and she had a normal delivery!
Yes – Allah will look at what we TALK in a situation of test.
Let me quote another love story of sister Fareeda from Peringathoor. She was married to a painter working in the gulf. They lived together only 18 days together after marriage before he return to gulf. Her husband had an accident and was under bed rest for long 21 years. Fareeda served her husband all those years with love. Once he was taken to hospital and he was in a critical stage – Fareeda prostrated in front of Allah and prayed to Allah for the long life of her beloved husband. Why?

O.P Gangadharan, the famous Onchologist, wrote the book “ജീവിതമെ൬ അത്ഭുതം” (A wonder that is life). A young lady came to the doctor. Dr. found that she had cancer spread her body seriously. Doctor told the one accompanied her, “The case is serious. But I will try my level best”. They didn’t have the money required for the treatment. "We will come back later", they said. Few days passed, a young man came to the doctor and said.”I am the husband of the young lady. I was in the gulf. We stayed together only few weeks. Everyone advises me to divorce her. But I want my love. I will toil hard and treat my love. He went back to gulf and started sending money directly to Dr. Gangadharan. The young lady got cured. She studied for B.A later on and now she is working as a teacher. She has two loving children from her love.

IMAN, only Iman can elevate man to such peaceful state of minds to that of Fareeda and the Lover.

Let me tell you another story of our classmate. Her parents were bringing many marriage proposals to her. She told them, "I want to continue my studies". At last she accepted one marriage proposal. She got married. After few days her letter came to our class. She wrote, “If I did not accept this proposal, it would have been a big loss for me”. I am very happy now. In a short while, her husband died. We went to visit her. You need not consol me. I am Ok. My Riyas has gone to the one who loves him more (To Allah). But when she gave birth to her son, she could not control herself. Then she cried anything. She named her baby “Kanza Riyas” (The gift of Riyas). Life was testing her again. She was surrendered to blood cancer. Before her death, she said “It is happy to reach my Riyas, faster this way”.

Peace of mind has to come from inside. It should be the byproduct of our strong belief in Allah (Imaan). Those who cried while remembering Allah in private will not be thrown to hell fire.
Noramlly, we all think, "If I die, what will happen to my children and family"? But we forget to ask, “What will happen to me after my death?”

May Allah enter us all to his paradise. Ameen.
Allahumma Salli Ala Sayyidna Muhammed.

Note: As we are not using word to word translation, the quotes from Quran and Hadees in this blog should not be reproduced without verifying with the original


sooryan said...

Dear Lathif,
Touching words. May God reward you for your effort.


ബഷീര്‍ Vallikkunnu said...

Dear Mr. Abdul Lathief, you have done a great job. I was listening him online that night. very touching speech indeed. To translate such a lengthy speech is not that much easy. Your effort and patience is much appreciated. May the Almighty reward you. I will share this through google & facebook groups

ഷൈജു എം. സൈനുദ്ദീൻ said...

Dear Latheef Sahib,
This task of you, will be one of the vestiges that you imprint with your life....Praying for your efforts

Abdul Lathief said...

Thank you Shams, BV and Shaiju.

Special thanks for BV for sharing. Yesterday there were good hits in the blog and the total number of hit has crossed the threshold line of 4,000.

MT Manaf said...

Dear brother Abdul Latheef,
I have no words to appreciate this effort. Go ahead with this endeavour. I listened PMA's speech two times. Played myself in beyluxe class room once. The oratory skill, the editing of words , the way of presentation and beyond all the message were out standing. You have made it avialable for more people. May Allah bless you with His mercy & boundless rewards..Ameen

MRmails said...

Truly a great effort.... Thanks for sharing ...jazakallah.... Expecting more from you...

Abdul Lathief said...

Thank you MT and MR for the words.

Those who like to hear the speech can visit the below link:

The speech is in Malayalam language

Anonymous said...

The speech by P.M.A. Gafoor Sahib at Jeddah was one of the best speeches I heard in recent times. It was thought provoking, straight to the hearts and a reminder to the faithful as well. While the greatness of Holy Qur’an was convincing to the people from other faiths, it was a wake up call for those "ignorant Muslims" too. It is a noble effort to convert those words of wisdom into print. May almighty Allah provide you with everlasting rewards…, Thank you very much, Latheefka. (Noushad Kuniyil, Riyadh -KSA)

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