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Social relevance of congregational prayer (Salath) in Masjid.

Most of us attend the five times prayers regularly in congregation in Masjids.

Recently I was pondering about this great opportunity for us to meet with our brothers. During this thought something very strange struck my mind. In many occassions I go for Salath and perform Salath, make my zikr & duaa and come back calmly to my apartment......without sometimes talking to none!!!!

Then I observed many others. Surprisingly, I found that many are doing the same. They all come, sit quietly, pray, make zikr & duaa, get up and go back......!

I deicded then, in addition to the Mulaqaath with my Lord, each trip to Masjid should be looked as an opportunity to mingle with atleast one man inside or enroute the masjid.

When I tested this, it is totally a different experience! An experience in which the five times Salath become a spiritual as well as social journey.

What is your reading about this?

As we are not using word to word translation, the quotes from Quran and Hadees in this blog should not be reproduced without verifying with the original texts.

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