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Theory of Evolution

When I was young I was taught and experienced through life that Islam stands for justice and "for all that is good".

Later in my teend ages (1980s)the news papers started putting a label of "fundamentalists" on muslims.

Later this word took several evolutionary breaks like rebels, extremists, terrorists etc.

Now the latest form is "Revolutionists" based on the protests against the rulers in the Arab world!

I think I will be able to die after seeing the repeat of the cycle were Muslims will be in their natural role of "torch bearers of humanity".

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Abdul Lathief said...

Human history is cyclic. Today the gap between the developing nations and the developed nations are meagre. The era of west controlling other nations are over. From the start of steam engine era west used to control the world. In the IT era, there is a great shift of power from the west (BRIC countries is and example) to the east.

Information, the power, is accessible to all.

Can truth be under the cover in such a world?