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Are they not pondering deeply on Quran?

Today I attended the weekly Quran Learning School (QLS) class.

It was my thought earlier to record these classes because each class is a never repeating spiritual experience -a journey. Now since I have started the blog I might try to share some of these experiences - Insha Allah.

I am aware of my limitations: Lack of understanding, poor language etc. Please bear with me.

Today the class was on just five short verses from Chapter -50 (verses 36 to 40).

We went through several interesting discussions. It is my try below to list some of the discussions to the extend I could:

- Were the earlier generations stronger than the present generation? How strong were they and in what? The wonders of ester generations like Taj Mahal, Kutub Minar, the Pyramid, the expeditions, ….! They were powerfull indeed!

- Importance of giving ear to true messages. Listening and hearing: a big topic which can not be covered in a blog space! Successfull is the one who listen to everything and follow the best among them.

- The creation of the universe in six stages. The meaning of the word “Yaum” and the different ways it is used in Quran. The concept of time in this world. The day we count is only meaningful after the creation of earth and sun. And it will be valid only until “Yaumul Qiyama” or until THE TIME.

- The difference in concept between the usage of "YAUM - day"in Bible and Quran. Bible talks about the 7th rest day. But Quran says in Chapter 55 verse 29 “….Everyday in (new) splendour/work does He (shine)". The concept of rest is not attributable to Allah. Rest is for His creatures. Sura Naba talks about the way he arranged night (and sleep) as a rest time for mankind. And in Chapter luqman Allah says that creation and recreation of the whole mankind is similar to task of creating one single soul! His mode of creation is the key word “KUN” meaning “Be” SO IT IS!

- Allah is introduced in Quran in chapter 59 verse 24 as one SINGLE ENTITY - when it comes to Srishti, Paripalanam and Samharam: “He is Allah, the Creator, the evolver, the bestower of Forms……”. Unlike mankind where they construct a building with the involvement of so many individuals like engineers, technitians, laborers, equipment……..yes they need rest but not Allah who just create with the key “KUN"

- The wonderfull way in which Allah ask people to seek peace of mind by neglecting all what others say with patience. (Be it insult/humiliation/false statements/allegations/branding as extremists etc.). See what Allah says : Chapter 50 verse -39: “Bear, then, with patiene all that they say and celebrate the praise of Lord, before the rising of the sun and before (its) setting”. Prophet Yunus (A.S) used to praise Allah a lot and he was able to escape from the stomach of the whale….Yes it is Allah’s promise that He will not leave those do lot of Zikr. The power one can imbibe by saying "SUBHANALLAH" with full presence of heart can not be achieved by no other means! Always remember the two soft words for toung but heavy in the balance of virtues in the life after death: "Subhanallahi Wabihamdihi Subhanallahil Adheem".

- The function of heart and brain:
When you say, my heart is broken …where do you feel it?
In Malayalam we say “Hrudayam tagarnnu poyi”.
The mentioning in Quran which says ”the hearts in their chest are blind….”
Are these statements just linguistic usages or do they have real meaning?

- The three similar verses which says “They have ears but they don’t hear(or listen?)with it”; “They have eyes but they don’t see with it”; “They have hearts but they don’t ponder with it”.

Where is mind? What is its relation with the heart?

Let me pause here with the last three questions for you all to comment in the comments column.

Foot Note:

Those in Jeddah: Kindly invited to attend these weekly classes in Islamic Education Foundation – in Mushrifa district.

Others: Seek the depth of Quran by all available means. It is the message to mankind. Yes to each individual of us from the Creator!


nkz1984 said...

Nice words.. don't under estimate your writing skills. Keep writing. This post was very useful and helped to understand explanation of verses of Quran

Ashraf Unneen said...

dear latheef-ji, i am really wondering about your earnest works for learning & propagating the islamic knowledge. As mentioend by nkz1984 , never under estimate any of your works in this regards since Allah is the one who rewards on 'niyya' of believers.
keep it up...