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Qur'an is the solution

C.13.-Who were fit to be vehicles of this light? — Not men
intoxicated with words and mysteries, Men whom politics had
debauched or tyranny had subdued, Men whose refinements had
ended in vices, who saw Nature only through books or artificial
conceits, or in moods which bred softness, indolence, or luxury,
who spoke of love and justice, but practiced gross selfishness
between class and class, sex and sex, condition and condition;
and had perverted their language, once beautiful, into jargons
of empty elegance and unmeaning futility.

C.14.-For the glory of Hellas, and her freedom and wisdom had
departed; Rome’s great systems of law, organization, and
universal citizenship had sunk into the mire of ecclesiastical
formalism, and dogmatism, and exclusive arrogance; the living
fire of Persia’s Prophet scarce smoldered in her votaries of
luxury; in India, countless castes and kingdoms cancelled the
unity of Buddha’s teaching; the wounds of China had not yet been
healed by T’ang culture; and Japan was still a disciple of

C.15.-Then, in the sacred city of pagan Arabia, shown a light
that spread in all directions. It was centrally placed for the
bounds of the world of man’s habitations in Asia, Europe, and
Africa. It made the Arabs the leading nation of culture and
science, of organized enterprise, law, and arts, with a zeal for
the conquest of Nature and her mysteries.
C.16.-Behold! There was born into the world of sense the
unlettered Apostle, the comely child, noble of birth, but nobler
still in the grace and wisdom of human love and human
understanding; dowered with the key which opened to him the
enchanted palace of Nature; marked out to receive — to receive
and preach in burning words the spiritual truth and message of
the Most High.

Courtsey: Introdcution to Holy Quran - Allama Yusuf Ali.

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