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A home in Paradise is guaranteed, if.

There are certain bonus tickets Allah has declared through Prophet Mohammed (SA).

Please see the below one, a very attractive offer indeed!

If you recite Ayathul Kursiyyu (Verse -259 from Chapter -2) from Quran every day after the five times compulsory prayers, your entry to Paradise is guaranteed.

Now if you offer the following optional prayers along with the five times compulsory prayers you are offered with "a home in Paradise".

- Four Rakaath before Dhuhr prayer
- Two Rakaath after Dhuhr prayer
- Two Rakaath after Maghrib prayer
- Two Rakaath after Isha prayer
- Two Rakaath before Fajr prayer


Abdul Lathief said...

I am now 43 years old. My home is just about to complete!
We all work very hard to make our dream home in this short life.
Let us not be fools by neglecting such offers and become a looser in the eternal life after death.

ഐക്കരപ്പടിയന്‍ said...

We live in the world of seasonal offers...but the offer given by Allah is ever lasting... an eternal home in the Paradise....

Let's work for it....!