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Are you afraid to die?

Today (6th January 2012) I attended the general body meeting of Indian Islahi Centre Jeddah (IICJ).

One statement of IICJ President Br. Moosa Koya deeply touched my heart. He was referring to a conversation between him and an active member of Islahi Centre. The member opined in the conversation that "after he started participating actively in the multidimentional activities of Islahi Centre, he was no more afraid of death"

This meant a lot:
- Islahi Centre has made him a "free man"
- Through Islahi Center he has found the meaning of his life.
- IICJ has taught him to be creative in every moment in life and to make it meaningfull.  
- Islahi Center has given him great opportunities to serve the community
- He was able to utilize his time in the most fruitfull manner
- He is very clear in his mind about his destination, after leaving a remarkable legacy in this life.

Is this not a good parable for all of us?

Are we free from the fear of death?
- Some people are totally ignoring life after death. They may be in darkness on the whole issue.
- Some are busy wasting their time in amassing wealth. They may be so busy that they will remember death only when the death reaches their neck.
- Some of us are closing the eyes and drinking the milk like cats!

Organizations like Islahi Centre give the members such great chance to be more creative and extending their reach much longer and wider. There is a limit for an individual to perform himself. The secret of success is to work in a smart and  effective group.

Try looking for such organizations which will - through service to humanity- make you feel that you were productive at the end of the day and give you the fredom from the "fear of death".

Key: Death, sleep, sleep apnea, sleep abnia, sleep apnoea, sleep abniya, clinical death, legal death.

Note: Do you know that as per the teachings of Islam, the soul is leaving the body! Probably it can be compared with the definition of legal death where the brain is, sort of , disconnected and do not give impulses to other organs in the body! (Try to correlate this with the invocation Prophet Mohammed (SA) has taught us to mentioned before going to bed and immediately when we wake up from the sleep........amazing to teach this invocation 1400 years ago!)  

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