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Onthe door step of Hijri year 1432 - Another reminder of time

Today it is the 27th day of month Dul-Hijja, the last friday in this Hajri calender year 1431. Just three days remaning to start the new year 1432H.

Year 1431Hijri:

- 12 months
- 52 Weeks
- 360 days
- 864 hours
- 518, 400 Minutes
- 31, 104,000 seconds

How did we spent this 31 million seconds?
The big question is that how many seconds we have made as investment for our future life? The real life after death?

Many of these were special days, hours and seconds.

Month of Ramadan : 2,592,000 seconds
52 fridays: 4,492,800 seconds
10 days in the month of Dul hijja: 864,000 seconds
Several other special days (as listed below) each day with 86,400 seconds:

- Fasting day on 9th and 10th of the month of Muharram
- Fasting day on 9th of the month of Dul hijja (Arafa day)
- six fasting days in the month of Shawwal
- weekly fasting days of mondays and thursdays
- Middle three days of fasting on each month (14th, 15th and 16th)

Allah marks every good deed with atleast 10 rewards against it. The reward may rise up to 700 times and even unlimited times like in the case of the reward for fasting in Ramadan.

The alloted time in this life is limited for each one of us. As Vaikkam Mohammed Basheer, the great writer of Kerala said,
അല്ലാഹുവിന്റെ ഖജനാവിലാണ് അനനദമായ സമയമുള്ളത് (Eternal storage of TIME is in the custody of Allah). The success of a human being lies in making the best out of this limited time allotment.

Prophet Moahmmed (SA) said: (Addunyaa Mazraatul Alkhira) The life in this world is a farm land for riping in the life after death. Yes, the winner in the life after death will be the smart "farmer" in this world!

At the closure of an year it is a good practice to make a balance sheet for the past year and to make a year plan for the coming year.

Lost time can never be caught again. Future is not certain. The trick of success is to engage in the present! to live in the present. Make use of each moment before it drops!

Never fail to make the best use of the time.

- The ONE who is in the sky will be mercifull to those who show mercy to those in the earth.
- The parable of a good word (Divine message - the true religion) is like a good tree whose root is firmly fixed and its branches (reach) to the sky. It brings forth its fruit at all times, by the leave of its Lord. (Quran:14: 24&25.

Try to fill each moment with some virtue.
It is not hard. Once you practice it becomes and enjoyment.

- Witness the word (Kalima) and practice your life accordingly.
- Make your time filled with the praise of God (Five time prayer, reciting Salath on Prophet (SA), Other supplications, Reading Quran, Making Tasbeeh, Tahmmed and Takbeer,....its easy while you work, walk, standing, sitting or lying!.......wherever you be engaged!)
- Share and give whatever you have and whatever you know. (Of wealth) give both compulsory part and Sadaka. Even making a smile at your brother is a Sadaka!!!....yes it is easy when you start practicing.
- Observe fasting, one of the most strong tool for tazkiya (Self purification). In addition to the compulsory fasting during the month of Ramadan strong (successful) muslims did observe fasting on so many other days of the year as mentioned above.
- Perform pilgrimages as and when one is physically, psycologically and financially fit.
- Even the removal obstacles from the street is counted by Prophet Moahmmed (SA) as part of Iman (Fundamental Beliefs Islam).
- Enjoin in all what is good and disengage from all what is bad and evil (Quran says: Taawanoo Alal Birri Wattaqwa wala Taawanoo Alal Ithmi Wal O'dwaan)

Start planning for the year 1432H. Aim the star (Jannatul Firdous), you can reach the moon (atleast). Remeber the words of Prophet (SA) that the least facilities given in Janna (paradise) is better than the facilities available with a mighty king in this world!

Prepared from the spirit of the Friday khutba (Speech) I attended today in Jeddah.

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