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Indian Muslims

In the name of Allah Most Gracious and Most Mercifull.
May peace be upon His Messenger Mohammed.

DISCUSSION ISLAM BLOG is starting a string of discussion about Indian Muslims!
In this string contributors are requested to comment about the Muslims of thier State / District in India.

The intentions are:

- To share information about the brothers out there.
- Find possible areas where interested brothers from other areas can benefit from this information and probably contribute!
- What can be shared in common for the benefit of the humanity at large.

Kindly write your comments in the following five main heads:

1. Your historic perspective about Muslims in the area

2. Present statistics of Muslims in the area (Litracy rate, Education facilities available, Other difficulties they are facing etc.). As a society, are they going up or down?

3. What are the hurdles faced by the Muslims in the area in their way to progress?

4. Do you think the future readers of this blog - I call them NETIZENS, I don't know who they will be - can contribute to the betterment of the Muslims in the area?

5. Do you think internet can play the positive role of connecting "people in need" to the "people who can afford"? If yes.....give your proposals and ideas to make it happen. (By the way, this blog does not intent to make it all by is just a simple effort to prick your thought)

You are requested to contribute your comments about your District / State. Visit us again later to see what others have to say.......let us make it a live discussion.

See you soon in the comments column with your encouraging / positive comments.....

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Kamaruddin Rilfan said...

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