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Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

"And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colours. Verily in that are Signs for those who know" : Quran Chapter 30 Verse 22.

This verse Quran is talking to all of us. The verse ends with a challenge to our minds where Allah asks man to learn about the diversity of creation. Unity in diversity is the natural law of creation! There are about 5,000 languages around the globe: Europe - 580; Asia - 900; Afria -275; America -1600 plus many others used by tribal communities and all.......

Old languages die. Recently I read about the death of a language. When an 85 years old lady "BOVA SENIOR" died this february (Madhyamam -6-2-2010) in Andaman, she was the last person who spoke the ancient language of "BO"!

New lifestyle and cultural evolution is a continuous process.

The IT era is bringing us more closer today. World is becoming another glocal (Global + Local)village. What will be the language of future? Today I am able to communicate with the world at large with this all new technique of blogging!

Tomorrow........? Only time will tell what will be the language of tomorrows glocal citizen!

Now, I request you to mark your thoughts about the question raised by this verse of Quran.

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Anonymous said...

We may read many books, attend many programs but if we do not practice what we read or listen to, the efforts will be useless.

Discover Yourself was a practice oriented workshop where the attendees were invoved sincerely throughout the program without any
boring feeling. We practiced what we learnt then and there and the concepts went into the mind with less effort. I really like Engineer Khans advice on replying by ourselves to our Inner Critic saying "I dont know. Allah knows the best". The expression of worryness that people have

about the past and future in the rhyme of "da da daaa... ding ding ding" really entertained and was easy to remember.

And the demo of "I am right... I am right..." also showed how we are fooling ourselves in our lives with our EGO and the necessity to over come it.

"Forgiveness" is another masterpeice of the workshop which Engineer Khan explained how it cured many people from diseases and eases peoples lives.

I have accompanied a 9th standard student who initially questioned about the duration of the workshop. I think he was not satisfied with the two days duration that too till 10 pm on the first day.

But at the end of the second day he said "Uncle we have missed the 3rd day". When asked why he replied. "The program was actually for 3

days and was shortened for us. So actually we have missed the third day". I have some how convinced him.

Another 9th standard student who I have accompanied was also very active throughout the program and volunteered himself to act as the vice captain for helping the program to run smoothly like making announcements etc.

Overall, the program was so entertaining, informative and helps each of us to live as a good human being. More space is requierd about
writing on the two day workshop. I leave it to the other attendees to express their views on other concepts that were taught in the

We need more people like Engineer Sadathullah Khan for the revival of humanity. May Allah shower mercy on him and all of us and guide us
and give us success in this world and the next.